Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Preemie blanket....

Thanks to my friend Ginny who belongs to the Make and Mardle group at Hilborough, Norfolk, I now have the pattern for my first preemie blanket. I ordered some James Brett pastel baby wool from an eBay shop at the weekend, and it arrived today, despite the Bank Holiday on Monday!

I am very much enjoying knitting with this wool...and I have to say it makes a nice change from brightly coloured triangles for bunting!!

Here's the pattern for any other interested bodies:

Size 8 (4mm) needles)
100g Baby yarn
Finished size 18''x 24''

Cast on 104/106 sts
Garter st 8 rows
Knit row 9
Row 10 k6 sts purl to last 6 sts k6
Continue these 2 rows until req length
End with 8 rows garter st.
Cast off.

This is how it is knitting up

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SheilaMatilda said...

lovely yarn and looks simple enough to knit.