Thursday, 28 June 2012

Maid of Fibre here we come!

Next Monday several of our group are meeting the lovely Richard and Stewart Ellis from Maid of Fibre  as they are coming to Downham for a couple of days. We have planned a 'cruise and peruse' along the waterway, and will see next year's yarn. So exciting. There are a couple of places still if anyone in the area would like to join us. You must let us know in advance as group sizes are limited to 5. Cost for the trip is £10 for 2 hours, of which £3 is to cover expenses and refreshments. The remainder is entirely redeemable against any purchases or orders made on the boat on the day.


You may remember that Stewart, Richard and Maggie joined us for our Worldwide Knit in Public Day on 14th June here in Downham.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

An evening in June just after midsummer

This evening we had a visit from Sue Welfare and her hubby Phil Pead who has recently launched a new community website He is doing a feature on our knitting group, and took lots of photos.  So watch that space. Kerry proudly showed us the crocheted blanket she has made since learning last month. Donna is making a mystery shawl. Pics below. Nik made an amazing carrot cake for us!! We planned our visits to Maid of Fibre next Monday, and also talked about the Ally Pally Knit & Stitch Show.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Lynn News and Advertiser feature

We featured in today's copy of the local newspaper, the Lynn News and Advertiser. I can't believe they got our name wrong!!! Plus they didn't mention the children from Hillcrest School who came!! Despite being started by some of the ladies from St Edmund's Church, and holding our group meetings in St Edmund's Church Hall, we left the word 'church' out of our title purposely. Am I being pedantic? Maybe it's time for a name change altogether.

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Worldwide Knit in Public Day 14th June 2012

Today, the sun shone, the knitters came, a community was formed. What a fab day! Below are images of the knitters outdoors at Downham Town Square, Nik demonstrating spinning to a group of school children, Maid Fibre the lovely narrow boat fibre people, church helpers, etc etc. Even Jo Garner from the Lynn News who came to cover the event, stayed and crocheted with us!

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Nik, who is a beginner to spinning, brought Myrtle to demonstrate the art of spinning alpaca wool to a group of children from Hillcrest School.

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The lovely people from Maid of Fibre abandoned their narrow boat at St Ives, and drove over to join us! Lovely to meet Maggie, Richard and Stewart. So good to have a man knitting with us!!!

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Below are the people who added value to our event! The people who got there at 8.30 to festoon the town hall with bunting (you know who you are). Marian, Dot and Jen who made tea and coffee all morning. Doug and Monica who ran the raffle. A huge thank you to you all.
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 Shall we do it all again next year?   I would say so!  It was such fun. Come and join us next year! It runs from Sat 8th - Sun 16th June 2013.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lovely ladies on a June morning

What a wonderful morning session;  chatting, coffee, biscuits, and lots of knitting and crocheting. Best of all we had 5 new ladies!!!! Women knitting together are a wonderful tonic. A warm welcome to (another) Sheila, Cherry, Linda, Sandra and Mrs 'Belle's and Whistles'!

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Below is the lovely 'Belle's and Whistles' learning to crochet. She makes lovely handmade items which she sells  here . Her new website is here.

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We now have four members of the group registered on Ravelry;  Brenda, Sandra, Pat and myself. If you don't know Ravelry, then do pop onto their website and take the tour.

We are all very excited about our Worldwide Knit in Public on Thursday, and are praying for good weather!  Come and knit or crochet with us on Thursday if you can get into Downham Market in the morning. We will be in the Bar Room of the Town Hall, and the Town Square. You won't be able to miss us!

Future plans include a group outing to the  Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace which takes place from 11th to 14th October. We are looking into hiring a coach. Interested?

Friday, 8 June 2012

Great knitting projects to add to the list

I've been spending some time looking around the internet for interesting  things to knit. I've been blown away especially by the knitted churches. These are a Lincolnshire project. I've found Sleaford, Spalding and Boston so far.  Woolly Spires is a great name for a knitting project!  More here.

Then there's the knitted scenes from the Bible.

The Last Supper....

Palm Sunday.....

Moses and the 10 Commandments..

At Mass this morning I looked over at the stained glass window of the Good Samaritan......(well I already have a donkey, and Joseph too, could be borrowed from the Nativity ;-)

Monday, 4 June 2012

Cup cakes for the Jubilee

Have been wanting to knit some cup cakes for ages now. They are everywhere! Something to do with the Diamond Jubilee perhaps? Have tried a few patterns out, and have finally settled on one by a designer called Julie Williams at Little Cotton Rabbits. I've finished three of them now.