Friday, 4 May 2012

More bunting your majesty.....

I'm still making bunting, and decided to take on the challenge of Union Jack bunting. I searched on Ravelry and found some lovely e-patterns designed by knitwear designer Lorraine Hearn, raising funds for her village primary school in Bedfordshire. For just £2, I was able to download not only 3 different Jubilee bunting designs, but also a cushion :-)

I have had three tries at the Union Jack flag. I decided not to knit the border (which is probably exactly where I fell down, although I may well crochet a border now!) My 3rd attempt is the best, and you can certainly see the progression, lol. They are recognisable though......Are they?

#1 and #2 attempts
Ok, below is the final prototype. I decided to find another flag, sew the 2 together, and lightly stuff. I think you can see that the striped flag was a bit smaller, but I kind of made them fit.....It was a fun project but I may leave it at that as far as the Jubilee is concerned and get back to the plain flags ;-) Look out for them on 14th June in Downham Town Square.

                          #3 Union Jack                                          
 back of #3 Union Jack


Anonymous said...

It looks very festive :)

fengirl said...

That's very nice of you Ms Anonymous ;-)