Wednesday, 2 May 2012

'Myrtle' is assembled

Hi Everyone

Welcome to the next instalment of my adventure into the world of spinning. Having arrived home full of enthusiasm for spinning the next task was to assemble the wheel itself but firstly all the parts needed oiling/sealing. The Ashford guide recommended oil rather than varnish and after a bit of googling we decided on Danish Oil, having used it once before for our dog cart. The main problem with Danish Oil is that once cloths have been used to oil the wood they need to be kept damp as when they dry out there is a risk that they may spontaneously ignite!
The parts were all laid out in the garage and the first coat applied. This went really well but with 6 hours betwen coats it took a couple of days followed by a further 48 hours to go 'off'.
Oiling the wheel

Finally, we were ready to assemble the wheel. This was quite hard work and I think that had I not been on my course I would not have fully understood some of the instructions. My hubby's fishing skills also came in handy when tying off what appeared to be fishing line. In spite of the wheel's 24 year sojourn in the loft, all parts seem fully functioning and even the rubber components haven't perished.
Our canine girls with 'Myrtle'

The wheel is now fully assembled and apart from a few squeaks appears ready for spinning. Yikes! 'She' also has a name - 'Myrtle' - apparently wheels name themselves and this was a name that suggested itself to myself and a friend independently, so Myrtle she is.
My first Alpaca fleece from 'Pippa' has now arrived so I'll blog again about my first spinning attempts - wish me luck!

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fengirl said...

Can't wait to see Myrtle in action. Really enjoying reading your posts. x