Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Knitting on an overcast May morning

May's morning session just finished. What an antidote to the weather! Seven ladies came, including one new local lady, Coral, plus Brenda from Terrington, who first came last month. Lovely time, lots of chat, coffee and laughter. Nik agreed to come and do a demo of her spinning one month. We shall look forward to that! We also discussed charity knitting. Coral told us about a project called "Fish and Chip Babies" These are baby clothes sent to Africa for babies whose families are so poor they are sent home from hospital wrapped in paper. Mary already knits for the Lifeline 4 Chernobyl project. There's also the preemie baby blanket project. We hope to get these off the ground now.

Brenda & Coral our 2 newest knitters

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