Tuesday, 8 January 2013

We are changing our group's name!

Been talking about this on and off over the last year, and now with our first birthday looming at the end of this month it seems appropriate to make the change. It's also more appropriate now than it was a year ago, as increasingly, group members are bringing projects to work on that are not knitting or crochet. These are the choices we brainstormed this morning. So.........

I like the play on the word crafty with this one. 4 syllables but fewer words.

This one leaves you in no doubt that this is what we do...craft :-) Plus it only has 2 syllables.

Five syllables makes this one a bit long, but it's in the running.

This is clever, covers all bases, and is just one word (but 4 syllables).  Incidentally it was the name suggested by Fr James from St Edmund's Church ;-)

No, it isn't just a playschool or nursery name. There are several craft shops and groups with this name. 4 syllables
but concise.

You get the idea......4 syllables, but nice.

and just so you can see them all close together.........

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