Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Our 1st Annual Christmas Meal

Last night 16 of us went to the Hare Arms at Stow Bardolph for our Christmas meal. We had a wonderful evening, with lovely food, great service and exceptional company. The menu was extensive and everyone ate really well. When it got to coffee time, we distributed the secret santa gifts. It's amazing what you can buy with a £5 limit! There were candles, mugs, smellies, doggy treats, a tablecloth, chocolates, plants and lots more. Photos below......

The first ones are taken in the bar where we congregated before the meal.

Florence, Doreen, Joan, Brenda and Kerry

Tricia, Sheila H, Pat, Lesley, Cherry Donna, Pat and Celia

Marian and Tricia

Cherry, Donna and Sheila WB

Sheila H, Pat B, Lesley and Cherry

The next ones are taken at the dining table.

Tricia and Lesley

Kerry and Brenda

Yve and Kerry

Brenda and Celia

Sheila H and Pat B

Yve and Doreen

Florence and Pat B

Florence and Pat B

Cherry and Donna

Florence and Pat B

Doreen and Joan

Florence, Pat and Yve

Brenda and Celia

Marian and Tricia
Pat, Sheila WB and Cherry


Ginny said...

One to go down in the history of Downham for future researchers !

Trish said...

How lovely that you have such good memories from your first Christmas Party - thanks for coming along to The Hare Arms, hope we shall see you again, from Trish McManus and the staff :-)