Monday, 16 April 2012

bunting, bunting, bunting,

I love this bunting I found on Ravelry (by yarnmantra)
Now that our WWKiP day has been booked, we will need to organise lots of bunting to decorate our venue. There's a wealth of bunting pictures available online, and a few patterns. My favourite pattern is this one by Karen Wessel. The picture here shows how it can look. There are little holes knitted along the top edge of each triangle so that they can be threaded onto tape etc afterwards. This would probably make the whole string of bunting more secure. The beads at the bottom of each triangle are pretty but not really necessary. There's also a very similar  pattern here,

I just found this pattern for crocheting triangles too.

If you want to support us locally in St Edmund's but are unable to come to knit on 14th June, would you consider knitting just one triangle? I'm using 4mm needles, DK acrylic, and casting on 35 stitches, decreasing at beginning of row 3 and 4. Knit until there are 3 stitches left.

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